Manufactured and replaced Vent Stack for “Nogat pipeline” at Den Helder location

October 24, 2019

In the summer of 2019, SEW Oil & Gas B.V. realized the construction and installation of the “vent stack”, for the flaring of gas for the main gas supply pipeline from the North Sea, the “Nogat pipeline”.

The combination of a well known engineering firm and SEW Oil & Gas B.V. for execution showed a unique performance, with the end result that the end product was put into use on September 12, 2019.

Construction started in April with the fabrication of the steel structure, the so-called “derrick”. The steel construction consisted of pipe which were assembled as bracings. The entire construction (with a length of 39 mtr) is built in 6 parts and welded in a mold to keep the construction straight. Simultaneously with the construction of the Derrick, the vent-stack (32″) and the 6 pieces of fuel gas pipes (1″) were manufactured, all with a length of 39 mtr. The final assembly including vent-tip (also known as flare stack or burner) took place during the weekend on a low-loader in the parking lot in front of the Customers location in Den Helder. After the assembly, it was possible to start on Monday morning with the removal of the old one and the installation of the new vent stack, a job for which the customer and Mammoet worked together.

The fabricated parts delivered from the fabrication fit perfectly on the old foundation. The fuel gas pipes were also connected and the vent stack could eventually be delivered burning on September 12. For SEW Oil & Gas B.V. a project to be proud of.


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