SEW is a passionate mechanical engineering company. Specialized in cold mechanical engineering of non-moving parts.

As a reliable specialist in technical solutions for industrial installations, our strength lies in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of piping, constructions, equipment, vessels and tanks. Onshore and offshore.

Our enthusiastic team of experts will serve you with excellence and completes every project successfully. With high safety and quality standards, we work closely with our clients on suitable solutions.

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SEW Oil and Gas B.V. wordt SEW Energy B.V.

SEW Oil and Gas B.V. wordt SEW Energy B.V.

Per 1 januari 2020 heeft er bij SEW een naamswijziging plaatsgevonden. SEW Oil & Gas B.V. is SEW Energy B.V. geworden. Bij de oprichting van SEW Oil & Gas B.V. waren wij helemaal gefocust op de olie en gas.......