E-Installation Davit cranes for offshore wind farm

Description: Design and realization of an electrical installation on davit cranes for 90 offshore wind turbines.

Why SEW: Relationship between customer and SEW Energy.

Short project summary:
SEW Energy was asked to make a proposal for the electrical power supply of the winch with several special requirements for the power supplies and different operating modes. SEW Energy has been commissioned on the basis of best design and good pricing.

The project includes:

  • Design of the electrical installation in E-PLAN
  • Purchase and assembly of 90 cabinets.
  • Installation work at the customer’s location.
  • Assistance with testing and commissioning of 90 davit cranes at the customer site.
  • Design and assembly of a power transformer for offshore use.

Project Management: The project has been prepared and managed by the SEW Energy E&I Project team


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