Abandonment of offshore Production platform

Description: Electrical preparation of an offshore production platform for unmanned operation.

Why SEW: Due to the relationship with the customer, SEW Energy was asked to carry out this project.

Short project summary:
SEW Energy provided the design and realization of a parallel electrical installation in this order. Within this assignment, a number of measurement signals from the platform were also prepared for communication to the control room ashore.

The project includes:

  • The design and construction of the new distribution panels.
  • The design and construction of an instrument shunting panel for communication to shore.
  • Calculating the cables between the hybrid generators, the distribution panels and consumers on the platform.
  • Supplying all necessary cables and installation materials.
  • Providing technicians and supervisors for the work offshore, completing commissioning and processing the documents including red / blue drawing packages.

Project Management: The project has been prepared and managed by the SEW Energy E&I Project team


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