Abandonment of offshore Production platform

In the North Sea, more and more gas production platforms are shutting down because the wells no longer produce enough gas. If a platform cannot be removed yet, it must be changed to “lighthouse” mode. SEW Energy supplied the design and realization of a new electrical installation for a renowned customer. This installation is suitable for the distribution of hybrid (diesel/wind/solar) generated energy to the remaining systems such as communication, collision protection and active cathodic protection of the steel structure.


Design and realization of an electrical installation for a hybrid powered offshore location.


Connection between customer and SEW Energy.

Short project overview:

SEW Energy was asked to make a design for the distribution boards and shunting boards. Later the scope expanded to supply offshore construction materials, services and tools to complete the installation on site.

The project includes:

  • Design of the electrical installation in Eplan and AutoCAD
  • Purchase and assembly of 4 panels.
  • Purchase of all offshore installation materials
  • Installation work on site at the customer.
  • Customer testing and commissioning assistance.

Project management:

The project is prepared and supervised by the SEW Energy E&I Project Team.


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