SEW International

SEW International is a flexible independent technology center for- and a supplier of separation solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. Based on field proven technology, SEW International develops and supplies process skids for the separation of oil/water/solids and gas/water/solids.

SEW International offers a unique combination of system integration with proven and accepted premium technology, and high-tech process instrumentation and control systems. Our systems are fully integrated and automated to the highest standards and amongst others include:

  • diesel oil treatment
  • lube oil treatment
  • slop oil treatment
  • open drains centrifuge packages
  • diesel gas conditioning


SEW International is a separation specialist with all expertise in-house. We support our clients by offering them a flexible organization, inventive technologies, good advice, high expertise, and short communication lines. We offer turnkey execution of projects and provide the following services:

  • engineering
  • construction
  • project management
  • installation and commissioning
  • maintenance
  • training

SEW International