SEW Eprofs

SEW Eprofs offers technical expertise at all levels of E&I installations¸ engineering and services by electrical and instrumentation specialists.

SEW Eprofs supplies qualified personnel, special tools and equipment that are required to perform the requested activities.

We use software tools such as Eplan, SPI (Intools), AutoCAD and M files with a full range of document templates (design, work packages and I & T).

Our high-quality tools are used for manufacturing and testing: cable systems, instrument hook-ups, control panels, junction boxes, etc.


Project based E&I activities for process industry systems.

  • Detail engineering and drafting
  • Work preparation and procurement
  • E&I construction (engineers and technicians)
  • Specialized Instrument hook-ups (twin ferrule & Autoclave)
  • Pre-commissioning / commissioning services
  • Power quality services
  • Calibration services
SEW Eprofs