E-mail fraud: abuse of the name SEW

Update September 22nd, 2020

We would like to inform you that lately SEW Energy is receiving many calls and e-mails that companies are approached for a “Purchase and Sales Agreement Drafting” by a person pretending to be an employee of SEW Oil & Gas. The communication is sent from an incorrect e-mail address (……..@SEWORK.NL) and using a non-existing legal entity. They use names like: Matteo Leon, Duuk Meijer and Baastian Visser. Please ignore this communication. Our team is working to have this domain removed or tagged as abusive.

Update: we now receive information that in addition to (……@SEWORK.NL), (……@SEWORKBV.NL) is now also used as e-mail address. This is also incorrect and not on behalf of SEW Energy.

E-mail fraud: abuse of the name SEW


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